Is Hard Water Affecting Your Child’s Skin?

How Does Hard Water Affect Skin?

The water you use every day from your kitchen and bathroom may be the primary reason behind your skin conditions. Issues such as itchy, flaky, or eczema riddled skin could be stemming from your water supply. You may not have ever realised that the water you’re using at home could be harming the skin of both yourself and your family, all depending on how hard it is.

For everything you need to know about the damage done to the skin from hard water, you’ve arrived at a fountain of knowledge. We’re here to tell you that there’s more to healthy skin than you may think.

Looking after your skin or understanding where skin damage comes from begins right at the source – and by the source, we mean the water source.

The impact from washing every day in the shower or bathtub, as well as clothing tumbling in your washing machine, can be quite significant. That’s because the water used during these everyday life events can irritate your skin.

Eczema is often a genetic condition, however, exposure to daily environmental irritants such as water, detergents, and a mix of both can aggravate the condition. Hard water is usually caused predominantly by calcium. Having high levels of mineral elements prevalent in water, along with abnormal pH levels, is a hindrance for healthy adult skin, let alone the tender skin of a young child. By conditioning your water with an Ecosoft Residential Water Softener, this can ensure the health of your skin and your family suffers reduced impact from the water in your home.

So, how can you tell whether or not the water at your home is hard water or soft water and do you need a hard water softener?

If you’ve ever washed your hands and noticed dry, flaky, skin afterwards, this could be the result of hard water. Imagine this impacting the rest of your body after a shower or bath. Hard water makes it difficult for the moisture to return to your skin. This results in the most common side effect of hard water on your skin; dryness.

Minerals we spoke about before circulating in your water, such as calcium, magnesium, and iron, can dry out your skin through clogging your pores. Hard water also reacts with your soap to form residue, which doesn’t wash off from your skin easily. You may also notice that when washing with soap, hard water can make it difficult to achieve a nice, smooth lather.

Aside from the effects on your body, you can also notice hard water in your home by simply inspecting your house near wet areas. You will be able to identify a white or blue, chalk like substance building up or leaving residue.

How do you treat and prevent hard water hair damage?

We all want soft, well-moisturised skin. If you are wanting to rediscover the moisture in your skin many experts recommend blotting the skin with your towel gently after you get out of the shower rather than roughly drying. Keep your showers quick and not overly hot. Use premium hair and skin products that specifically mention that they moisturise and soften the skin, apply a generous layer of a ceramide-enriched cream to the body to seal in moisture whilst the skin is damp.

If you would rather avoid tedious drying routines and enjoy longer, hotter showers, then the best solution for your hard water problem would be to install a simple residential water conditioner in Perth.

But what is a hard water softener system?

An Ecosoft Hard Water Softener or Conditioner is the most effective and permanent solution to your hard water problems and is a great investment for your household or an added benefit to the tenants at your rental property.

Ecosoft Water’s fantastic range of hard water conditioners are amongst the most innovative, effective, and robust residential hard water treatment products on the market.

The benefits of a residential water softener include:

  • Soap is easier to rinse off and lather
  • Decreases the chance of soap residue build-up on the skin
  • Decreases the risk of skin conditions such as eczema
  • Increases the likelihood of healthier, vibrant skin

So if you are struggling with dry, flaky, and even eczema riddled skin, it is time to switch to healthier water. You could discover fresher skin and protect the skin of your family, especially if you have young children around the home.

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