Get healthier, softer & cheaper water into your home with a Residential Hard Water Softener

The Ecosoft econditioner reduces mineral deposit build up, softening your water supply, quickly, safely and affordably.

Installed once by a licensed plumber on the main water supply to your typical Residential Multi Bathroom House*, this device is a set and forget option to softening your water supply for life.

Say goodbye to water hardness forever. 

ECOECZ - Shower Icon
176.00 inc. GST
ECOECZ - Shower
Residential Shower Use For Reduced Skin Irritations and Softer Hair
Approximate Flow Rate:
9 L/min
Weight Kgs:
0.21 Kgs
316 Stainless Steel
1/2” BSP M/F
ECO20 - Single Bathroom Icon
$548.90 inc GST
ECO20 - Single Bathroom
Residential Single Bathroom House. Better water for the whole home.
Approximate Flow Rate:
20 L/min
Weight Kgs:
0.52 Kgs
316 Stainless Steel
3/4” BSP F/F
ECO35 - Multi Bathroom Icon
$658.90 inc GST
ECO35 - Multi Bathroom
Residential / Mining. For larger homes and mine site accommodation
Approximate Flow Rate:
35 L/min
Weight Kgs:
0.65 Kgs
316 Stainless Steel
3/4” BSP F/F

Ecosoft products produce no harmful waste or emissions. Compared to clunky mechanical water filters, Ecosoft is a planet friendly water conditioning solution.

Quick Install

ECOShower and EcoRV require no special tools and can be installed by anyone!

Other Ecosoft products can be quickly and easily installed by a certified professional. Once installed, you reap the benefits immediately.

Simple Science

Ecosoft is a simple product, that creates amazing reactions to water, safely and reliably. No moving parts, it’s all in the science!

Money Saving

Start saving on time and money invested in harsh cleaning and stubborn hard water build-up. Ecosoft softens your water making everything easier to clean!

Safer on Skin

Suffer from sensitive skin conditions that react poorly to hard water? Ecosoft Water Ecoditioners can quickly remedy your water supply to be a safer, softer flow!

Cleaner Water

Healthier water. Ecosoft breaks down mineral deposits in water, allowing for a cleaner, safer and gentler water supply.

Australia's Prime Water Softener

Located in Perth, WA, with over 21 years of experience, Ecosoft is one of Australia’s leading suppliers of hard water treatment systems for domestic, commercial, industrial and mining applications.

The Ecosoft Water Econditioner is unparalleled in its field for the treatment, prevention and removal of damaging minerals caused by hard water. Ecosoft is committed to chemical-free, eco-friendly solutions across water quality needs.

Ecosoft Water Econditioner utilises a unique, factory blended, alloy that is tough to withstand the severities of the harshest water all the while providing chemical-free, maintenance-free peace of mind.

We test all the products we supply for as long as two years before releasing into the market. Sleep easy, knowing that all the products we bring to market are the best in their category.

Ecosoft Water
Ecosoft Water
Created, Designed, Developed, Manufactured and Owned in Australia

We are a team committed to high quality, eco-friendly hard water solutions that are available to every household and organisation in the world.


How It Works

Understanding Ecosoft Water

Water Drop

Ecosoft Water Econditioners’ composite alloy core changes the crystalline structure of minerals in water to reduce hard water problems!

Ecosoft Water Econditioners has proven to effectively tackle hard water problems in both hot and cold water. With the correct installation, Ecosoft will perform these purposes:

Tick <p><strong>Prevent scale</strong> formed by hard water.</p>

Prevent scale formed by hard water.

Tick <p>The <strong>existing scale will dissolve,</strong> improving system pressure and flow.</p>

The existing scale will dissolve, improving system pressure and flow.

Tick <p><strong>Softer water is gentler on skin.</strong> Important for babies and eczema.</p>

Softer water is gentler on skin. Important for babies and eczema.

Tick <p><strong>Reduces corrosion</strong> caused by sulphide, iron oxide upon metal pipes.</p>

Reduces corrosion caused by sulphide, iron oxide upon metal pipes.

Tick <p>Reduce problems associated with <strong>Blue Water Syndrome*.</strong></p>

Reduce problems associated with Blue Water Syndrome*.

Tick <p><strong>Restricts the growth of algae.</strong></p>

Restricts the growth of algae.

Tick <p><strong>Improves filtration</strong> extending the useable life of a filter.</p>

Improves filtration extending the useable life of a filter.

Ecosoft Water
It's time to get tough on hard water.

For household appliances and industrial equipment, this means reduced maintenance costs, greater efficiency and LESS ENERGY CONSUMPTION!

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I determine if I have hard water in my home?

Signs of hard water include spotty dishes, soap that won’t lather, scummy bathtubs, dry skin, and a white crust around faucets. A water hardness test kit can provide a definitive answer. Request yours for free today.

What benefits does a residential hard water softener provide for my home?

Hard water softeners provide several benefits, including preventing scale buildup in pipes and appliances, extending the life of plumbing fixtures, improving soap lathering, and enhancing the efficiency of water heaters and appliances.

Do residential hard water softeners require professional installation, or can I install one myself?

ECOShower and EcoRV require no special tools and can be installed by anyone! Other Ecosoft products can be quickly and easily installed by a certified professional. Once installed, you reap the benefits immediately.

How often do I need to change or maintain my residential hard water softener?

Unlike other products, Ecosoft Water Softeners last a lifetime and require zero maintenance.

Can I drink soft water?

After installing an Ecosoft residential hard water softener, you can safely continue to drink water from the tap without the need to install a separate tap for your drinking water.

Do water softeners make noise?

No, Ecosoft residential hard water softener make no sounds.

Installing your Ecosoft unit

Remember: always use a licensed plumber for pipework or if you have to dig.

‘how to’ video: Ecosoft Shower Install

‘how to’ video: Ecosoft Whole House Install

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