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Rio Tinto (Hope Downs) – Ecosoft Water Econditioner Trial

In February 2014 the Mobile Equipment Maintenance (MEM) department at Rio Tinto (Hope Downs) instigated a trial of an Ecosoft Water Econditioner on one of their Caterpillar MD6240 drill rigs.

The aim of the trial was to ascertain the effectiveness of the Ecosoft Water Conditioner in protecting the flushing water system and associated equipment from the build up lime-scale caused by the use of ground (hard) water in the system.

Problems associated with the build up of scale included:

  • Reduced system pressure and flow
  • Premature system failure
  • Increased maintenance
  • Over heating

Figure 1 shows the build up of lime scale in one of the holding tanks that feed the flushing water system. It can be seen that the walls of the tanks are almost completely encrusted with scale. The floor of the tanks also show significant scale build up with approximately 50% coverage.

Prior to installing the Ecosoft Water Econditioner the existing scale was removed with the use of chemicals along with manual scrapping, chiselling etc.

After 8 weeks

After 8 weeks the MD6240 taken off line for routine maintenance and inspection of the water system. The following observations were made:

  • Pre-existing scale in the tanks reduced by ~50% – Figure 2 & 3
  • Remaining scale was becoming softer and easier to remove
  • Suction line: “No visible build off scale inside the line” – Figure 4
  • Y-Strainer: “Clean, no scale deposits”, residue “was very easy to scratch off” – Figure 5
  • No new scale build up.

After 16 weeks

On the 15 of June 2014 (after 16 weeks) the MD6240 was again taken off line for routine maintenance and inspection.

  • Figures 6 & 7 show the total amount of scale that was removed from the tanks.
  • In Figure 8 the bottom of the tank is now clearly visible showing the degree to which the preexisting scale has been dissolved by the Ecosoft Water Conditioner. This scale was soft and pliable and easily removed by hand.
  • No new scale build up was found.


The Rio Tinto, Mobile Equipment Maintenance Planner who oversaw the trial is extremely pleased with the results and has ordered a further 8 x ECO335 Ecosoft Water Econditioners to be fitted to the remainder of the drill fleet at Hope Downs.

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Figure 1: 50% coverage, Day 1 of trial
Figure 2: 25% Coverage
Figure 3: Reduced build up on walls
Figure 4: Suction Line
Figure 5: Y Strainer Mesh
Figure 6
Figure 7
Figure 8


Ground water with high mineral count used for dust control and drilling operations has left scale and calcified components in the compressed air/ water injection systems.

Affected Machines

Atlas Copco PV271 and D65


Install the ECO220 water treatment system to all drills. Testing of the device installed to one machine has returned notable results.

Quotes and install instructions are attached. The supplier can supply kits or conduct the installs at sites request. EC notification refers to a truck install which did not occur at MWB. The device was installed on two drills DR3040 and DR3044. Photos in the EC notification attachments are of drill tanks and pipes.

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Scale build up and calcified components untreated and treated.
Industrial and residential options

Underground mining contractors and consultants

A couple of years ago we purchased an Atlas Copco L2C30 Underground development jumbo. This rig was running higher water flow & pressures that we do on any of our other rigs.

We started having a lot of dramas with our flushing head seal only lasting two shifts also a lot of pitting around our shanks this was just the start of our problems. After a few months of use we started failing a lot of water fittings, up to two a shift.

On close inspection of the fitting it was hollowed out. The quality of the water we were using was basically recycled water out the stope. Not ideal but better that some sites.

After hitting the last resort we ended up fitting a 21/2” Ecosoft Water Econditioner unit to the water inlet, we honestly did not think it was going to work. After about 3-4 weeks, after coming back from break, was when I noticed the difference, we had stopped doing water fittings & flushing head seals were lasting up to 7 days. After this we recommended them to another site which fitted one to their rig due to the harsh water conditions.

About 2 months ago we removed it, 1-2 weeks later we started corroding out fittings & have since refitted it. For our application it worked well I would not have believe it would work until we tested it. I have since recommended it to other people & companies.

Trevor Williamson l Maintenance Training Specialist

In Active Service
Barminco Barminco
Rocket Boomer L2 C Similar to the drill rig used by Barminco at Sunrise Dam. Images courtesy Altas Copco Photo Archive
Boliden Tara Mines

Ecosoft Water Econditioner

In 2006 we changed our development face jumbo technology from Sandvik-Tamrock to Atlas Copco. We still use a Tamrock AXERA 7 in a different part of the mine, but most of the development drifting is now done with an Atlas Copco rocket boomers M2C .The change to Atlas Copco was made by the then MD Bert ove Johansson who had worked with Atlas Copco equipment at previous mines which he managed. The M2C rocket boomers incorporate the latest rig control systems and tunnel management systems.

The rock drill on the Atlas Copco differed somewhat from the Tamrock drifters. At the start we had difficulty keeping water box seals intact. The failure of water box seals could result in water contamination of the oil in the rock drill. This could lead to increased down time spent cleaning the oil. Contributory to this was the moderate alkalinity and particulate level in the service water.

An Atlas Copco service engineer on site mentioned to us that he was aware of a product to help with “hard water conditions”. We contacted Ecosoft Water and they supplied us with an Ecosoft Water Econditioner unit. We at Boliden Tara Mines decided to trial an Ecosoft Water Econditioner before fitting out the whole boomer fleet.

The unit was very easy to fit and is small and robust. The unit is maintenance free. The first results were good. We had previously achieved one to two shifts of drilling before changing water box seals. Now with improvements from Atlas Copco and the use of the Ecosoft Water Econditioner we can expect to run a full week without a water box change. This suits our weekly planned maintenance of the rocket boomers.

In summary, we have reduced our down time due to water box seal wear and this has had a major impact on running costs. We are currently working with Ecosoft Water to improve the filtration of the service water. It is also worth noting that the Ecosoft Water Econditioner will increase the life of other components such as water coolers and the condition of water hoses on the drill rig.

Roy Tallon | Development Mine Captain

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Evaporative Coolers


Dear Mike,

Thanks for providing us with the Ecosoft Water Econditioner units.
As you know, we have a bore feeding into quite a large tank which we then pump to the house with an inline pressure pump.

We were plagued with lime scale from the minute we installed the bore. There was notable build up in all taps, shower heads blocking within a month and the white scale covering everything else. The evaporative air conditioner we had installed would block in less than 10 days, with the water squirting out the side, not just running down the pads. We had to use industrial strength de-scaler in the air conditioner and had been told we should never have installed this type of air conditioner.

Since installing an Ecosoft Water Econditioner on the pressure pump and one on the air conditioner we have had fantastic results. In over 2 months, the air conditioner that would only run for 10 days hasn’t missed a beat. We got up onto the roof to check the pads and they are cleaner than after we had used the de-scaler. We have also noticed less white build up in the laundry sink, bath and shower and glasses in the dishwasher come out without white marks on them.

Anne and Glen | Baldivis


Tom Price

This Evaporative Cooler was installed in a Tom Price workshop in February 2010. These images were taken in October 2013.

No cleaning or replacement of the pads has been required in that time despite a Total Hardness count in Tom Price of +300ppm.

The Cooler is fitted with an Ecosoft ‘ECO20’ Water Econditioner.

Industrial and residential options

Residential Success Stories

Hi Mike,

Just a quick note to say thanks for the ‘Shower Soft’ unit you recently fitted to our home. For me it is all about my hair. After a lifetime of frizzy hair and trying hundreds of different hair products, the Shower Soft unit gives me smooth, frizz free hair every time! If only I’d had Shower Soft on our shower head years ago.

Thanks again.

Colleen – Karrinyup, Western Australia.

Hi Mike,

After having installed your Ecosoft 35 water conditioner we have noticed a considerable reduction in the severity of the white staining around the sink and water outlets. The water tastes different and soap now actually produces a lather. The dishwasher actually leaves the dishes without white stains all over them and the plastics dry considerably better. Rose has noted that all the towels are softer and don’t feel like sheets of cardboard. We are very impressed with the results and have passed on recommendations to Ryan, the plumber across the road.

Kind regards

Warwick & Rose Rountree | Yanchep

I had the Ecosoft Water Econditioner installed in May 2012. I can testify that within one or two weeks I noticed significant improvement in my water quality and this manifested itself in several ways.

I first noticed that I no longer had to use the same amount of shampoo, and eventually dispensed with conditioner altogether. I was aware of the soft texture of my hair, and that it became easier to manage.

There was a demonstrable change with my towels in as much as they had a softer pile and felt more luxurious than the ones laundered before the installation. My outlay for washing machine soap and conditioner has halved and since the installation I have not used any water softeners to protect the washing machine.

After nine months I eventually undertook the dreaded washing machine ’filter clean’ and to my amazement found the filter and surrounding pipework not only clean as new but odourless.

I no longer experience white water marks on the chrome taps in the bathroom and I am particularly pleased that these troublesome water marks are no longer an eye sore on my ’brown’ kitchen sink.

Last but not least I purchased a new kettle at the same time as the installation and one year on I still have no need or desire to have to descale it.

I have no hesitation in recommending the Ecosoft Water Econditioner, and have no regrets at all that I invested in this product.

M I Carradine

Living in the Pilbara we were used to putting up with hard water. But it had a terrible effect on our skin, leaving it rough, dry and really itchy and no amount of moisturiser would help.

After trialling standard chlorine filters that didn’t help, we decided to give Ecosoft Water Econditioners a go.

We installed one on the mains and one on the shower. The difference was felt almost immediately.

No more uncomfortable itchy skin!

We are so happy with the Ecosoft Econditioners that we have since purchased another to go on our bath too. And the benefits to our appliances are a bonus!

Thank you

Michelle Langlois | Tom Price

We have installed the Ecosoft Water Econditioner Anti Scale system to our house and have seen remarkable improvements to the water quality since installation.

In general, I can provide you with the following feedback on the Ecosoft Water Econditioner system:

The changes Ecosoft Water Econditioner has made to the quality of the water in our home were immediate and extremely beneficial.

We can now get a better soap lather when washing, no more dry felling, no smell and best of all, no more skin irritations (this was within a week of fitting the Ecosoft).

Additional benefits are, no build up of calcium in the swimming pool, however the chlorine cell still gets a build up, no residual calcium marks left after washing the car and those that were there have gone as well.

The only down side is that the water still tastes like Paraburdoo water. I guess

Ecosoft can’t change everything.

Thanks again

Peter McDonald

Eczema Relief

Water treated by Ecosoft Water Conditioners found to relieve eczema.
Prior to fitting an Ecosoft to Shower Head
One month after fitting an Ecosoft Water Conditioner
Industrial and residential options

Independent Plastics

Eco122 Ecosoft Water Econditioner

To whom it may concern,

Independent Plastics installed a model Eco122 Ecosoft Water Econditioner into the return line of our cooling tower on 22nd March 2002.

Prior to installing the Ecosoft Econditioner we had experienced ongoing problems in relation to scale build-up in our cooling tower and associated piping. The extent of our scale build-up necessitated ‘acid dosing’ of our cooling water on a weekly basis.

Since the installation of the Ecosoft water conditioner over nine months ago there has been no build-up of scale in either our cooling tower or associated piping. The Ecosoft Water Econditioner has proven extremely effective in preventing the build-up of scale within our cooling system.

Ian Beaumont | Director

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$2315.94 inc. GST
Eco 120
Commercial / Industrial / Mining
Approximate Flow Rate:
120 L/min
Weight Kgs:
316 Stainless Steel
2” BSP F/F

Portable Cooling Solutions

Evaporative Upright Coolers

Here at Portable Cooling Solutions Australia, we import “Port-A-Cool” Evaporative Upright Coolers from the USA for Sales and Hire.

Water quality throughout Australia can be problematic. We suffer from highly mineralised and very hard water. Resulting scale among other issues will reduce the life of anything our water runs through.

As water is the key to cooling via our Units, water quality matters. Poor water quality and scale build up reduces the life of the pump, motor, pads and indeed the whole Unit itself!

We’ve attempted over the years to find some sort of a solution. We found the maintenance free, Ecosoft Water Conditioner, through Mike at Ecosoft Water. Mike has shown us how the Ecosoft system works and over the last six years we’ve installed this device into a lot of our products.

Throughout the years that we’ve used the Ecosoft devices in our units, we have had great success. Replacement of internal components is no longer a common need with the Ecosoft device eliminating minerals and scale.

We’ve supplied a lot of these devices specifically to the mining industry where a lot of ground water is used. All our clients have noticed a huge improvement in longevity of the pads, pumps and motors. Cleaning and maintenance of the units is also made quite simple as the minerals aren’t calcified to the point they would have to be scraped as they have in the past. Additionally, any scale that was present at the time of fitting the Ecosoft device is now nonexistent.

We also use the Ecosoft devices in our Hire Units. This action has effectively added years of service to the Units and to all the internal components that we would have been changing over regularly, without this device installed.

The Ecosoft Device is very simple to install and requires no further action. We find all our customers are as impressed as we are with the way the Turbo Flow works. It truly does what it says it does!!

We would very highly recommend the Ecosoft to anybody who has issues with quality of water. Whether hard or soft water, mineralised water, or where evaporation causes residual mineralisation deposits to occur, the Ecosoft Device is the answer.

From a business point of view it’s been a great and true solution to an everyday problem.

Thank you Mike!

Faizal Gordon | Director

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