Water Softener Perth. Healthier, Softer, Cheaper Water!

Ecosoft products reduce mineral deposit build up. Soften your water supply, quickly, safely and affordably.

Ecosoft water softener products produce no harmful waste or emissions. Compared to clunky mechanical water filters, Ecosoft is the planet friendly water conditioning solution.

Gentle on Skin

Suffer from sensitive skin conditions that react poorly to hard water? Ecosoft Water Ecoditioners can quickly remedy your water supply to be a safer, softer flow!

Quick Install

ECOShower and ECORV require no special tools and can be installed by anyone!

Other Ecosoft econditioners can be quickly and easily installed by a certified professional. Once installed, you reap the benefits immediately.

Money Saving

Start saving on time and money invested in harsh cleaning and stubborn hard water build-up. Ecosoft softens your water making everything easier to clean!

Simple Science

Ecosoft is a simple product, that creates amazing reactions to water, safely and reliably. No moving parts, it’s all in the science!

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Australia's #1 Water Treatment System

Located in Perth, WA, with over 20 years of experience, Ecosoft is one of Australia’s leading suppliers of hard water treatment systems for domestic, mining, industrial and commercial applications.

The Ecosoft Water Econditioner is unparalleled in its field for the treatment, prevention and removal of damaging minerals caused by hard water. Ecosoft is committed to chemical-free, eco-friendly solutions for your water quality needs.

Ecosoft water econditioner utilises a unique, factory blended, alloy that is tough to withstand the severities of the harshest water all the while providing chemical-free, maintenance-free peace of mind.

Ecosoft Water
Ecosoft Water
Australian Owned, Designed and Manufactured

We are committed to high quality, eco-friendly hard water solutions that are available for every household and application.


How It Works

Understanding Ecosoft Water

Water Drop

Ecosoft Water Econditioners’ composite alloy core changes the crystalline structure of minerals in water to reduce hard water problems!

Ecosoft Water Econditioners has proven to effectively tackle hard water problems in both hot and cold water. With the correct installation, Ecosoft will perform these purposes:

Tick <p><strong>Prevent scale</strong> formed by hard water.</p>

Prevent scale formed by hard water.

Tick <p>The <strong>existing scale will dissolve,</strong> improving system pressure and flow.</p>

The existing scale will dissolve, improving system pressure and flow.

Tick <p><strong>Softer water is gentler on skin.</strong> Important for anyone suffering from skin irritations caused by hard water.</p>

Softer water is gentler on skin. Important for anyone suffering from skin irritations caused by hard water.

Tick <p><strong>Improves filtration</strong> extending the useable life of a filter.</p>

Improves filtration extending the useable life of a filter.

Ecosoft Water
It's time to get tough on hard water.

For household appliances and industrial equipment, this means reduced maintenance costs, greater efficiency and LESS ENERGY CONSUMPTION!

Operation & Design

Each Ecosoft galvanic alloy core is designed and configured with foundry blended metals, scientifically selected from both the Cathode and Anode end of the Galvanic Scale. The turbulence generated in a Ecosoft Water Econditioner creates an Electro-Chemical (galvanic) reaction between the crystalline minerals in the water and the catalytic alloy core.

The Ecosoft core is configured to create a high degree of turbulence to occur in the water flow, and provides a more pronounced exposure and contact between the crystalline mineral particles and the metals in the alloy core. Immediately upon contact with the core the minerals begin to be dispersed into a colloidal solution. Colloids do not settle or precipitate (much like milk) therefore preventing the formation of scale. Several key occurrences take place which bring about the colloidal formation;

Tick The alloy core provides an immediate galvanic site upon which the ions can deposit.
Tick The minerals are attracted and repelled several hundred times before clearing the alloy core.
Tick Electrons are being captured from the water into the core and dispersed from the core back into the water, there is a very definite cathode-anode galvanic action.
Tick Nuclei have been introduced into the system as a result of the cathode-anode reaction and provide a more positive site around which the mineral particles can attract, as opposed to precipitating onto the walls of piping or equipment. The scientific name for this reaction is more readily known as “epitaxial nucleation”.
Tick The Zeta potential and surface tension of the water is reduced.
PDF Downloads
EcoSoft water TechTalk

A comprehensive overview of the Ecosoft water science.

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EcoSoft water Mining Commercial

Highlights of Ecosoft water applications within the mining industry.

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EcoSoft water HardWater Map

Discover if you are living in a Hard Water hotspot.

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EcoSoft water Domestic

In and around the home, Ecosoft water is a real success story.

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EcoSoft Vs. Other Products

With our extensive product development, testing and research, we looked at some of the common factors that are important to you and compared them with other types of hard water treatment options.

The table below shows how it all stacks up;

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Features &
Ecosoft Water Magnetic and Electric Limescale Inhibitors Electrolytic Limescale Inhibitors Salt or Resin-based Water Softeners
Lasts a lifetime Tick Cross Cross Cross
100% Lifetime Guarantee Tick Cross Cross Cross
Zero maintenance Tick Cross Cross Cross
No operating costs Tick Cross Cross Cross
Needs no electricity Tick Cross Cross Cross
No salt or chemicals Tick Cross Cross Cross
No magnets Tick Cross Cross Cross
Gentle on your skin Tick Cross Cross Cross
Leaves you with shiny, frizz-free hair Tick Cross Cross Cross
Softer laundry results Tick Cross Cross Cross
Natural, healthy minerals in water Tick Cross Cross Cross
Improves garden health Tick Cross Cross Cross
Never wastes water Tick Cross Cross Cross
No slimy feeling on your skin Tick Cross Cross Cross
Eco-Friendly, reduces your carbon footprint Tick Cross Cross Cross
No harmful by-product Tick Cross Cross Cross
Makes no sounds Tick Cross Cross Cross
No water pressure loss Tick Cross Cross Cross
Takes up no extra space Tick Cross Cross Cross


What is Hard water?

The simple definition of water hardness is the amount of dissolved calcium and magnesium in the water. Hard water is high in dissolved minerals, both calcium and magnesium. You may have felt the effects of hard water, literally, the last time you washed your hands. Depending on the hardness of your water, after using soap to wash you may have felt like there was a film of residue left on your hands. In hard water, soap reacts with the calcium (which is relatively high in hard water) to form “soap scum”. When using hard water, more soap or detergent is needed to get things clean, be it your hands, hair, or your laundry.

What are the effects of hard water?

The presence or absence of the hardness minerals in drinking water is not known to pose a health risk to users.
Hardness is normally considered an aesthetic water quality factor. The presence of some dissolved mineral material in drinking water is typically what gives the water its characteristic and pleasant taste. At higher concentrations however, hardness creates the following consumer problems.

  • Produces soap scum most noticeable on tubs and showers.
  • Produces white mineral deposits on dishes more noticeable on clear glassware.
  • Reduces the efficiency of devices that heat water. As hardness deposits build (lime scale) in thickness, they act like insulation, reducing the efficiency of heat transfer.
  • Just 3mm of lime scale will increase heating costs by 33%

It has also been observed that areas of higher hardness in drinking water maybe associated with lower incidents of heart disease. This possible relationship is being investigated.

How does an Ecosoft water softener work?

There are a number of reactions that take place in a ECOSOFT unit as water contacts the complex alloy core. The patented catalytic alloy in the Ecosoft Water Softener generates an electro-chemical (galvanic) reaction causing the calcium ions to flocculate as a colloid.

Colloids do not settle or precipitate (form scale) but always stay in solution. Milk is a colloid, with billions of nano sized particles which stay permanently in solution. These generated reactions change the crystalline structure of the minerals in the water creating a very fine non sticking deposit (colloid).

The crystalline colloids will either flow through an open loop system in colloidal suspension, settle at the low point of a system (which can be flushed during routine maintenance) or can be easily filtered down stream of the ECOSOFT. Any residue left on a surface is easily removed.

Once installed, will existing scale be removed and how long does it take to clean the system?

Several factors need to be taken into consideration.

    • The thickness, hardness and type of scale.
    • The length of the scaled area from the ECOSOFT.
    • The volume of water flowing through the system

In many instances the thickness of scale in the water carrying system has taken a number of weeks, months or years to build up. Once installed ECOSOFT will begin to work immediately. It may take equally as long or longer to remove the existing scale as it took for the scale to build up.

Does this unit soften water?

Yes. Ecosoft softens water, because of the definite change in the characteristics of the minerals, the surface ‘ tension of the water is reduced giving you softer, “wetter” water.

Is the Ecosoft water softener easy to install?

Yes, Simply remove the corresponding length of pipe and install the Ecosoft water softener. This should be done by a licenced plumbing professional.

Will the Ecosoft water softener affect my water pressure and flow rates?

The Ecosoft water softener will not affect water pressure and flow rates. It is important to select the correct size water softener for the application. Selection of an Ecosoft is very simple; all you need to know is;

  • The flow rate of the system.
  • If the Ecosoft is to be installed in a mains pressure system or a pump driven system. Simply compare the flow rate you have against the Ecosoft specifications data sheet and select the corresponding unit. Should your flow rate fall between models, and if pressure is critical, select the larger of the two units otherwise select the smaller unit! The harder Ecosoft works the better the result.

Does the Ecosoft water softener alloy core need to be replaced?

No, the Ecosoft alloy core is not a sacrificial anode and therefore does not need to be replaced. We still have units working that were installed over 20 years ago!

Does the Ecosoft water softener require ongoing maintenance?

Once installed, The Ecosoft water softener does not require any maintenance.

Is it necessary to earth the Ecosoft water softener?

The Ecosoft water softener does not need to be earthed and can be installed above or below ground.

Why use the Ecosoft water softener as opposed to a saltwater softener?

Saltwater conditioners may solve one problem but introduce others by adding unwanted pollutants to the environment and in addition can cause safety and health issues. The Ecosoft water softener is chemical free and therefore 100% environmentally friendly!

What is the difference between Ecosoft and Magnetic and Powered water conditioners?

Magnetic and Powered water conditioners are clamped to the outside of a pipe and generate a magnetic field through which the water travels. The powered units only operate whilst there is power. Ecosoft has no power supply, the water contacts our scientifically engineered alloy core and it works effectively with either a laminar or turbulent supply of hot or cold water.

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Installation, Maintenance & Warranty Information

Ecosoft Water Econditioners are sized differently, depending on your system’s flow rate.

Each of our product part numbers indicate the nominal flow rate for the unit. This flow rate is not absolute and the product will still work efficiently with a flow of +/-30%. As an example, an ECO20 (20 l/min) works equally well at 14 l/min and at 26 l/min.

So why the cut-off point?

We want your Ecosoft Water Econditioner to work as hard as you do, that means getting plenty of flow over the core, ensuring good contact between the core, the water, and all the minerals in the water that are causing the problem. Below 30% of the nominal flow rate and you start to lose contact, and turbulence, within the conditioner, so the conditioner is not working as hard as it should be. In this case we would recommend a smaller conditioner.

Above 30% of the nominal flow rate and you ‘may’ start to run into issues with pressure drop. However, this is typically only an issue on process critical equipment such as cooling towers, heat exchangers etc. In this case we would recommend a larger conditioner.

No waste. No maintenance. No ongoing costs.
Whilst installing your Ecosoft Water Econditioner on your shower, appliance or RV is a simple task for the average home handy man, installation of larger units should be carried out by a licensed plumber for complete peace of mind.
Call your local plumber – before installing Ecosoft Products
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Dial Before you Dig
Installing your Ecosoft unit is so easy!
Remember: always use a licensed plumber for pipework or if you have to dig
‘how to’ video: Ecosoft Shower Install
‘how to’ video: Ecosoft Whole House Install
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Residential Use

Domestic Applications

We know what is like, Hard Water makes life tough.

Hot water systems fail prematurely inspite of constant maintenance. Evaporative coolers are inefficient because of the scale build up on the pads which need to be replaced all too frequently.

Wet areas around the home are difficult to clean.

And taking a shower presents it’s own challenges with soap being difficult to lather, hair is left dry and difficult to manage, your skin is left dry, and often itchy, because the of Hard Water.

Recirculating systems such as evaporative coolers and swimming pools require extra protection.

Designed and manufactured in Australia, Ecosoft water softener Perth provides the ultimate solution to all of your problems associated with Hard Water.

Call us today to discuss your specific requirements.

How can EcoSoft benefit you?
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Mining & Industry

Mining applications present their own unique challenges. Ground water, by default, typically has a very high mineral count as measured by the Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) count in the water.

Mines are often located in extremely remote regions with little or no access to to fresh surface water. As a result, mining operations are often limited to using ground water for everything from potable water for accommodation camps, through to flushing and down hole water systems used in drilling applications.

This highly mineralised water causes ongoing problems for asset owners across the mines processes and infrastructure.

Typical applications where Ecosoft Water Econditioners can reduce system maintenance and increase equipment life cycle include:

Blast Hole Drill Rigs, Jumbos, Diamond Drilling, Cooling Towers, Heat Exchangers, Evaporative Coolers, Hot Water Systems, Accommodation, De-Watering etc


Commercial & Industrial Applications

Hot or cold water, from boilers to cooling towers, if you are in a hard water area, we can help you to save time and money.

Hard Water is any ground (aquifer) water with a Total Hardness count above 120 ppm see the table below.

Classification Hardness in lg/l Hardness in ppm
Soft 0 - 60 0 - 60
Moderately Hard 61 - 120 61 - 120
Hard 121 - 180 121 - 180
Severe 181 - 240 181 - 240
Extreme < 240 < 240
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Warranty Information

Mining, Commercial,