ECOECZ – water econditioner


For Bathroom Shower Head

Installing your ECOECZ water econditioner requires no special tools and can be installed by anyone. Simply fasten to your existing shower head and reap the benefits of softer water.

For your skin, hard water can lead to hard, itchy skin. Enjoy reduced skin irritation, softer hair, and less soap using zero chemicals. For your shower, softer water will not only reduce scale build-up in your recess and on the shower head, but may also improve system pressure and flow by dissolving existing scale build-up.

All Ecosoft Water econditioners are Watermark and WRAS approved.

Additional information

Flow Rate L/min

9 L/min

Weight Kgs

0.21 Kgs


316 Stainless Steel


1/2” BSP M/F

Other sizes and configurations available
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