How You Can Test For Hard Water

How You Can Test For Hard Water?

Sometimes, you will experience hard water issues within the home, without knowing precisely what the root of your problem is. You might not know this, but it can show itself in several ways around your home. The usual solution is a hard water softener or water conditioner.

Here are some clues to help you identify if you may have a hard water problem:

  • Spotty, filmy dishes
  • Soap that won’t lather
  • Scummy, hard to clean bathtub and showers
  • Dry skin
  • White crust around the head of faucets, drains and showerheads

If you experience any of these issues, you may need a hard water softener.

At Ecosoft, we have more than 20 years experience in hard water softener products, ensuring the best possible, Australian made solutions for your home… We will find the best solution to fit you, ensuring that the common problems with hard water, are fixed. We recommend undertaking a simple testing method – it requires no special tools or techniques, and it’s easily performed within the comfort of your own home.

  • Step One: Contact Us on our enquiry page to request a free testing kit.
  • Step Two: We will send out a free testing kit to your home for you to test your water.
  • Step Three: Get back to us with the results of the test and we can walk you through the next steps.

It really is that simple and hassle-free!

Think you need a hard water softener?

Don’t wait. It’s time to get tough on hard water!

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