Did you know that the quality of your water can change during the year. In Summer as there is less rain, more bore water is used which adds to water hardness. In fact, Perth uses up to 40% of underground water during the hotter months.

The result. Harder water. Or even harder water than usual. It tastes different, can leave stains and can impact your lifestyle, washing, cleaning and appliances.

This build up occurs due to a higher concentration of calcium and magnesium salts in the water. These minerals remain in and on appliances, on glass screens and even on plants. If you water your garden and notice a white residue on the leaves, then you are most likely in a hard water area.

Generally the water South of the River In Perth is softer but as you head North to suburbs like Alkimos, Two Rocks, Yanchep and even in areas like Mount Hawthorn, Banksia Grove etc you will find the water is much harder. The water supply in the Northern Suburbs is supplemented with ground water which adds to its hardness.

In regional areas, especially in the Pilbara, the water is very hard and many residents complain of issues with scale build up on appliances, shower heads, taps etc. Appliances that can be affected are: washing machines, kettles, coffee machines, shower heads, taps, pool filters… basically anything that has water run through it.

Key areas include:

  • Geraldton and the Mid West
  • The Pilbara and surrounds
  • Kalgoorlie and surrounding areas
  • Albany, Esperance and other nearby areas
  • Many suburbs in the Perth metropolitan area

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Ecosoft Water can provide a range of solutions that are:

  • Maintenance free
  • Have no moving parts
  • Never need replacing
  • Chemical, salt and additive free
  • Cost effective

If you want information on how you can reduce your water hardness, feel free to give us a call or email us. We can send you out a free test kit to check the mineral levels in your water also. Find our Contact Details here>