If you live in many parts of Western Australia and even in many suburbs of Metropolitan Perth you will have experienced hard water.

Try having a shower in hard water and you will find that your soap doesn’t lather, your hair products don’t do what they should, even your shaving foam won’t do the trick. You might find you suffer from an itchy scalp or skin irritations like eczema. Then there is the issue of scale on your shower head, pipes getting clogged and stains on your glass. We could go on!!

Your shower time is your chance to start the day fresh or unwind from your day. You want to know that you can enjoy this time! Hard water is full of minerals like calcium and magnesium which react with fatty acids in cleaning products to create insoluble lime soaps which are ineffective at cleaning.

For those of you interested in the science, the positively charged calcium ions replace the sodium ions in your products and they then leave this scum on your body and in your hair. The residue can clog pores and remove moisture from your body. It’s the same scum you scrub off the tiles and windows, now on you!!!

You will also go through a lot more soap, body wash and shampoo and conditioner. We have even heard of cases where people experience hair loss due to the calcium build up around the hair follicles. This can cause your hair to break off and also hinder new growth. I hear the males pricking up their ears at this one!

Ecosoftwater have worked hard to develop a simple, easy to attach solution for your shower head that can reduce your hard water issues as soon as you attach the EcoShower. It is simple, cost effective and will give you instant results.

The unit can easily be posted to your home and in Australia, PLUS, we are offering free shipping Australia Wide.

Once attached you will enjoy more bubbles, healthier skin and softer hair. You can eliminate the hard water issues and save money on soap and other body and hair products and enjoy feeling clean again.


Solutions for Hard Water In Your Shower

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