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Dry Skin and how to combat it during winter! standard

  As the temperature gets cooler during the months of June to September in Australia, our skin takes the effects of getting dry, cracked, flakey and irritated - something we all don’t like as much as freezing our toes off in the rain! Vogue Online explains that the “natural oils in our skin don’t tend to flow as freely because of the colder temperatures… less surface moisture, resulting in dehydrated skin.”   Our skin is literally a water-containing barrier that protects us from our environment. Depending on gender, age and where on the body we’re looking at, the water content of the skin varies.   Because the skin is porous, water vapour is constantly lost through the skin via evaporation. Water loss ...

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How Hard Water Could Affect Your Health standard

Water is a good solvent and picks up impurities easily. As water moves through soil and rock, it dissolves minerals and holds them in solution. So what health effects could possibly spring up when you come into contact with “hard water”? Calcium and magnesium dissolved in water are the two most common minerals that make water "hard." The degree of hardness becomes greater as the calcium and magnesium content increases. Although leading an active outdoor life in a beautiful environment can be very desirable, it is important for consumers to be aware of the challenges they face and ensure that the water they use promotes good health. So, What is Hard Water? Hard water is the source of many problems ...

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Hard Water by Seasons and Regions image

HARD WATER IN PERTH IN THE SUMMER MONTHS Did you know that the quality of your water can change during the year. In Summer as there is less rain, more bore water is used which adds to water hardness. In fact, Perth uses up to 40% of underground water during the hotter months. The result. Harder water. Or even harder water than usual. It tastes different, can leave stains and can impact your lifestyle, washing, cleaning and appliances. This build up occurs due to a higher concentration of calcium and magnesium salts in the water. These minerals remain in and on appliances, on glass screens and even on plants. If you water your garden and notice a white residue on the leaves, ...

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Solving the Problem of Hard Water in Your Shower image

hard water in my shower

HOW TO GET RID OF HARD WATER IN YOUR SHOWER If you live in many parts of Western Australia and even in many suburbs of Metropolitan Perth you will have experienced hard water. Try having a shower in hard water and you will find that your soap doesn't lather, your hair products don't do what they should, even your shaving foam won’t do the trick. You might find you suffer from an itchy scalp or skin irritations like eczema. Then there is the issue of scale on your shower head, pipes getting clogged and stains on your glass. We could go on!! Your shower time is your chance to start the day fresh or unwind from your day. You want to know ...

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How to Remove Hard Water Stains image

how to remove hard water stains

Hard Water affects so many areas of your home and can leave annoying stains on many items due to the limescale build up. This article features our must have product to help remove hard water stains. Hard Water stains build up over time and not only leave unsightly stains, but can cause lasting damage like clogging up your pipework and damaging appliances. Hard Water can affect these areas in your home: Toilet bowls Shower glass areas Ceramic tiles Tap fittings Sinks Glassware Chrome and Stainless Steel fittings and appliances Shower Heads Just to name a few! Ecosoft Water have spent many years developing the best ‘Eco friendly’ formula that easily dissolves hard water stains, rust and oxidation on many different surfaces. After many ...

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HARD WATER – The Facts, The Solutions and Tips image

hard water in the home

If you live in regional Australia then you probably have hard water? In fact, even if you live in Metropolitan areas and cities, you probably still have hard water. So what is Hard Water? Hard Water is water that has a high mineral content to it. Calcium and Magnesium to be specific. It is formed when water passes through deposits of chalk and limestone containing materials such as calcium and magnesium. Our rainwater is clean (or soft) but as it drains through our soils and waterways it picks up these minerals and becomes hard water. Hard water can play havoc with your water and therefore, anything in your household that uses water. What items in your household are affected by Hard Water? ...

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