Ecosoft Water Conditioners are sized solely on your system’s flow rate.

Each product part number indicates a nominal flow that can be varied +/- 30% of the indicated flow. As an example, an ECO18 (18 l/min) works equally at 12.5 l/min and at 23.5 l/min.

So why the cut off point? We want your Ecosoft Water Conditioner to work as hard as you do, that means getting plenty of turbulent flow over the galvanic alloy core, ensuring lots of contact between the core, the water, and all of those minerals in the water that causing the problem. Below 30% of the nominal flow rate you start to get laminar flow across the alloy i.e. reduced contact. Better to choose a smaller conditioner.

Above 30% of the nominal flow rate you ‘may’ start to run into issues with pressure drop, particularly if your installation is on process critial equipment such as a cooler tower, boiler or the like. In this case it is better to choose a larger conditioner.

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call your local plumber – for complete peace of mind…

Although installing Ecosoft Water Conditioners in most domestic applications is relatively straight-forward, the few extra dollars needed for a licensed plumber to do the job, ensures you and your family will get the maximum benefit from your Ecosoft Water Conditioner every day – and a better sleep, every night.

View the videos  below for a quick overview.


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installing your ecosoft unit is so easy...

remember: always use a licensed plumber for pipework or if you have to dig

‘how to’ video: installing your ecosoft Whole Home unit…

just a simple job, but you will need to call your local plumber

‘how to’ video: installing your ecosoft Shower unit…

easy enough to do it yourself!

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