Ecosoft Water Conditioners’ complex alloy core changes the crystalline structure of minerals in water to greatly reduce hard water problems!

Designed and manufactured in Australia, Ecosoft Water Conditioners have been proven to effectively tackle hard water problems in both hot and cold water. With the correct Select & Install,  Ecosoft Water Conditioners will perform these specific functions;

  • Prevent scale formation caused by hard water
  • Calcium Carbonate Descaling: over time existing scale will dissolve, improving system pressure and flow
  • Retard Corrosion: caused by iron sulphide and iron oxide
  • Stop Free Sulphite Deposits: in most cases, brings it back to solution
  • Retard Corrosion: of hydrogen sulphide upon metal (steel)
  • Stop Salt Deposits: in all cases brings it back into solution
  • Inhibits the formation of some algae
  • Improves Filtration: extending the usable life of filter elements and membranes
  • Reverses problems associated with Blue Water Syndrome
For household appliances and industrial equipment, this means reduced maintenance costs, greater efficiency and LESS ENERGY CONSUMPTION!
Operation & Design

Each Ecosoft patented alloy core is designed and configured with foundry blended metals, scientifically selected from both the Cathode and Anode end of the Galvanic Scale. The turbulence generated in a Ecosoft Water Conditioner creates an Electro-Chemical (galvanic) reaction between the crystalline minerals in the water and the catalytic alloy core. The Ecosoft core is configured to create a high degree of turbulence to occur in the water flow, and provides a more pronounced exposure and contact between the crystalline mineral particles and the metals in the alloy core. Immediately upon contact with the core the minerals begin to be dispersed into a colloidal solution. Colloids do not settle or precipitate (much like milk) therefore preventing the formation of scale. Several key occurrences take place which bring about the colloidal formation;

  • The alloy core provides an immediate galvanic site upon which the ions can deposit.
  • The minerals are attracted and repelled several hundred times before clearing the alloy core.
  • Electrons are being captured from the water into the core and dispersed from the core back into the water, there is a very definite cathode-anode galvanic action.
  • Nuclei have been introduced into the system as a result of the cathode-anode reaction and provide a more positive site around which the mineral particles can attract, as opposed to precipitating onto the walls of piping or equipment. The scientific name for this reaction is more readily known as “epitaxial nucleation”.
  • The Zeta potential and surface tension of the water is reduced.
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Mining Commercial

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In and around the home, Ecosoft water is a real success story

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