we have been known to run trials for as long as 2 years 

The Ecosoft Water main head office is located in Perth, Western Australia. We’ve been in the water treatment & filtration market since 2001. Today, we are one of Australia’s leading suppliers of hard water treatment systems for domestic, commercial, industrial & mining applications.

We personally test all the products we supply and have been known to run trials for as long as 2 years before releasing a product to the market. You can be assured that all products we bring to market are the best in their category.

The Ecosoft Water Conditioner is unsurpassed in its field for the treatment, prevention and removal of damaging scale caused by hard water. Ecosoft Water is wholly committed to chemical free, eco-friendly solutions across all water quality needs.

Ecosoft Water Conditioners utilise a unique, factory blended, galvanic alloy that is built tough to withstand the rigours of even the harshest water, all the while providing chemical free, maintenance free, peace of mind.

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Created, Designed, Developed, Manufactured and Owned in Australia

We are a team committed to high quality, eco-friendly hard water solutions that are available to every household and organisation in the world.

unsurpassed results across every industry...

...including the homes of families around the globe

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